Sunday, August 12, 2012


   A big part of any culture is the food, so here is "the food" post, I  really like El Salvadoran food and just to be clear it is not like Mexican food.  Yes tortillas, but even that is made a little differently here.
let me show you.
           If you ask for a quesadilla here this is what you will get.  The only way I know how to describe it is that it is the texture of cornbread but tasted like cheesecake. It's yummy!

What is that and how do you eat it?  Is something I say a lot.  I can't remember the name of the  "spiky strawberries"  but the green stuff is called loroco, its actually a flower bud, it is used to flavor dips, spreads, cheese and salad.   

Why we only have one flavor of Tang in Utah, I don't know but seriously,  move over cool aid!!

Honey so fresh there is still a bee in it. 
(If you buy it in the street it is sold in a vodka bottle.)

This is a Zapote. Yummy! I made a bread out of this and it was really good!
video here:

coconut candy on the plate, peace corps made pineapple, passion fruit, and strawberry jams.  And a jar of bee pollen.

Chicken, chicken, everywhere!   They use every part of the chicken including the feet I tried chicken feet soup, not my favorite but I can say I tried it.

You can not talk about El Salvadorian food without the pupusa.  A pupusa is a tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese, and if you choose meat, or if you are my kids, just a tortilla with cheese inside.  And a cabbage salad on top with a super yummy tomatoe salsa dressing. 

Fresh fish at the beach, with a side of massive stomachache.

And for today's grand finale... corn flavored ice cream!  Avocado I can get behind, chicle, my kids love, but corn?   I love you anyway El Salvador!!