Monday, May 14, 2012


  Better late than never right? This year we were able to witness Semmana Santa in El Salvador. Joseph's school had a Easter egg hunt and we went to the U.S. Embassy egg hunt. Other than that no eggs no bunny's no chicks no springtime. But we still managed to have fun. Hahaha!
We went to see the alfombras (carpets) in the streets in Antigua Cuscatlan. They are made of sawdust and colored salt.  A...mazing!
Joseph and Dallin really wanted to help, not a chance this is serious business. And yes if you look closely Judas is hanging from the telephone wire.
Our tour guide, Melanie, I love this girl!

 Pupusa Break!!
 This is the moment we have all been waiting for, the procession.  The "body of Christ" is in this casket and there was a whole parade of  disciples behind it.  I choose to remember Christ in a different way but I was touched by the dedication this takes.  


This is an El Salvador birthday tradition that we have now adopted as a new Markland family Easter tradition.   The boys had a blast smashing the eggs.  A bit messy but totally worth it.  

 Joseph's school celebrated a traditional North American Easter egg hunt.  Ummm... when did he become such a stud?? 

Our beloved Paz made us some traditional Semana Santa food.   These are Torejas, kinda like french toast but made with a sweet bread/cake and soaked in a sugarcane cinamon mixture.   I loved it!!   But it was too sweet for Ben and too different for the boys,  so I got the whole bowl to myself. finger lickin'  good!
We also had ayote en Miel, which is like sweet potatoes in a sweet spicy glaze. Remo lacha (baked beets and veggies)  We had fish, dried super smelly fish.  woah!! way too strong!! I could taste it for days  and I only had one bite.
and last but not least Tres Leches!

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