Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Thursday to Beach in 2 hours flat!

Today Ben called me to ask if I had anything going on the next 2 days Usually when he does this he is making sure its ok if he is M.I.A. for said days. Not this time!!! I had nothing but normal pick up drop off routine going on. When he said he had reservations for us at the beach and I had one hour to get ready I was all about it! I love surprises! And the fact that we live close enough to a beach to do that, surreal, totally surreal!

The sound of my children squealing in anticipation as a wave gets closer and then laughing when it knocks their littleness over is a very good sound.

When Ben gives me that look with his smile that's lights up my world surrounded by one of mother natures greatest wonders I think wow! What a blessed girl I am!

Life has been so busy for Ben here. I am so glad he decided to come up for air today! (although he tells me this is it from Monday to June). Today life is good! Thanks for the surprise Superman!