Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Joseph turns 5!

My sweet little Joseph boy turned 5 last month! We are so happy to have him in our family he is a very special kid. Joseph has been such a good sport with the move to El Salvador. He left his home his grandparents his cousins and friends and he took it all in stride. He even helps comfort his little brother about it when he has a hard time.
A couple of weeks ago we had a rough day in this Markland home nothing seemed to be going right, the kids were out of control the house was a mess and then Ben and I started arguing about something. Joseph came up to us and said, "guys I think we need to say a prayer". After the prayer I apologized to everyone for letting myself get so crazy and Joseph said "mommy it's ok we said a prayer and now you are forgiven." thanks for being strong when I was weak Joseph.
He is the peacemaker among his friends and he makes friends easily. His teacher says he plays with the Spanish speaking children very well. So brave! Translating into Spanish doesn't seem to be a problem.
Yesterday Joseph showed me something he had made out of bend-ables. I was impressed and told him he was very creative. He was so excited he kept saying it over and over again "I am very creative!" sometimes he can be a little too creative and he can talk circles around me to the point I get so flustered I start to think maybe he is right and I am wrong. And then I realize he wants me to relieve him of any responsibility for his actions and I remember who is supposed to be the parent. He gets this gift from his father who would be a great cult leader because he can make you think that the sky is the ground without even running out of breath.
Joseph had a pool party for his birthday this year. Being a February baby this may never happen again.
A party tradition here is to have an eggshell filled with confetti and crack it on someone else's head. First you must find it and then you can crack it and watch the confetti fly. It was super fun!
I love my Joseph!

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Project Maniac said...

I remember doing confetti eggs for Easter. We grew up in South Texas and the Spanish influence down there is big. I had forgotten all about that. Fun times. Looks like you had fun.