Sunday, February 19, 2012

Factory Tours

We have quite a few Factory's here in El Salvador.  Our friends from the Embassy invited us to come on a tour of the candle and pencil factory's.  It was actually really interesting.   Here are a few of the highlights.
 Little Dallin patiently waiting for his turn to make a candle. (the little blond head in the front)

 Joseph Making his candle.  The factory owner is right behind him.  A very nice guy.  Too bad I blurred him out of the picture.   

 The final product!  This candle kept Dallin entertained all day.  He could not stop touching it.

Silly faces.  (Joseph, Abraham, and Dallin) 

Different factory same silly faces.  

This is how a pencil starts out, 2 flat pieces of wood with grooves just the right size for the lead.  Glue the pieces together and sit it in a vice overnight. 

Then the glued wood blocks go through the cutting machine and now its starting to  look a little like a pencil.  

Now they get painted, super fast with no drying time. 

Gracias Senior tour guide for the glob of  stinky paint on a stick. 

Now we stamp the brand name on our nearly finished product.  

Now they are sharpened with sandpaper.    These are colored pencils so no need for eraser.  

Disfrute!   Enjoy!
Thank you Mellissa for inviting us!

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