Thursday, February 02, 2012

Dia de Paz

We have a wonderful woman who comes and cleans our apartment once a week. Her name is Paz which means peace in Spanish so we now lovingly refer to the day she is with us as "Dia de Paz." (Day of peace) She speaks only Spanish, and I try really hard to understand and be understood. We usually end up laughing about our Inability to communicate. Sometimes we are talking about totally different things. But, that is pretty much par for the course for me here. She loves the kids and they love her which is so nice because it means that this is the day I can shut the door when I shower.
It's the day I get to try a new Salvadoran dish. Did I mention she is a excellent cook?
It's the day I get to do things with the kids without that nagging thoughts about what needs to be done. Here is what I did today - dropped off Joseph at school, worked out, showered, built a Lego airplane, helped Thomas save Whiff from the giant play dough monster, put together 3 animal puzzles,
Went grocery shopping picked up Joseph, had a picnic in the park, read 2 Dr. Seuss and 2 Thomas the train books. Made a strawberry banana smoothie and put together a Phineas and Pherb puzzle.
Here is what actually got done today, all the floors swept and mopped (we have no carpet) all the bathrooms cleaned (4), ALL the laundry including bedspreads washed and put away, ironing done, windows washed, surfaces dusted, patio cleaned, meals in the freezer, and a hot meal on the table.
See??? Dia de Paz!! Sigh.

A normal wage for all this work $10-15 dollars a DAY!! Yikes! (don't get me started.)

She is amazing!! Thanks for all you do Paz You are part of what makes me love El Salvador!

A picture of her with the boys and a couple of meals she has made for us.


April said...

WOW maybe I'll move to El Salvador just for the maid. That is so nice! I bet it does make life down there easier and more enjoyable! Hope things are well. And that food looks amazing! i'll take you up on a El Salvadorian meal when you get back. haha!

Heather said...

I'm officially jealous. I want a Dia de Paz too!