Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silent Night Holy Night... yeah right!!

  Our Christmas in El Salvador was Great!  Christmas Eve was very loud.  The locals feel that Our traditional Christmas Eve is quite boring.  And compared to theirs, I must agree.   After dinner they light fireworks, for HOURS!   This fireworks every night thing has been going on for a Month, but they save the best for last, so at midnight WOW! what a show!  Santa comes at midnight and its an all night party.  But we are boring and went to bed after the fireworks died down. Can you imagine how wonderful that could be as kid! Fireworks and no bedtime and presents AND Candy!!  (I'll keep my parental opinion to myself.)

The Figuroa Family invited us over for a traditional El Salvador  feast and It  was so  yummy!  There was  Turkey and  we provided funeral potatoes,  (what else screams Utah cuisine like funeral potatoes? Jello does not count because El Salvador  just might be a close tie to Utah in Jello consumption.)   There was an amazing shrimp dish that I am excited to get a recipe for, Christmas Tamales, dulce de leche bread pudding.  I have yet to meet an El Salvador dish I don't like.  We had such a great evening with great people! Thank you!
Our cute little tree with the homemade ornaments.
Stockings are not really a tradition here so we made our own.
                          Santa visited us at our house!
  He wanted to let us know that he had
 found us in El Salvador and had a early
gift for each of us.    

Joseph watched the Santa tracker ALL DAY!  Classic! 
And the moment we've all been waiting for! 

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