Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays from El Salvador

I wanted to share with you all our most recent experiences here in El Salvador. Delena has posted a great blog post to our family blog with photos:

This is my third Christmas I have spent out of the country. This was Delena's first. I had forgotten how much people do here for Christmas. Fireworks, parties, dancing, you name it. Take the fourth of July and times it by 10 and then give those fireworks to every house in town and that is what we saw on Christmas Eve. Stockings and Going to bed early are not in the cards. Instead they stay up until midnight, open presents and party till 5 am.

Buying presents was a challenge, either we couldn't find what we wanted, had to make it or it cost 5 times what it does in the States. Either way, we had an amazing Christmas. Delena got my a guitar, the kids got amazing games and toys and Delena received a new sewing machine. Sears played a big part in my christmas shopping here, even if it does cost twice as much.

Our Call Center is doing amazing. We have nearly 70 employees now with 4 accounts. We have been doing small overflow call work for a call center in the Philippines but last week we won a huge account and are adding 35 more agents and eventually we will be a 24 hour operation. We are excited to be running a full campaign here in the country. We are handling calls from all over the US and the UK. We are being told our agents have amazing English skills and some of the best quality. We had a great employee Christmas party full with Karaoke, dancing and food. We even had a Focus Band that played and El Salvadorans know how to party. We are starting two new campaigns in the coming weeks and hope to be to 125 agents by March.

The people here have been amazing and we have been very blessed to be welcomed into their homes and to meet so many amazing people. We have been inviting a family at my work to attend church with us and they have been a few times and we hope they will except the missionaries soon.

We will be visiting the states in January and hope to see many of you when we come back. Until then Feliz Navidad y Prospero Ano Nuevo

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