Sunday, November 27, 2011


   This years thanksgiving was different ya know because of the different country and all. And there were things that were just not available here.  Like pumpkin for pumpkin pie.   We had a beautiful Turkey that Ben Cooked perfectly! So yummy!   And some homemade stuffing.  I made a pecan pie for the first time however, the closest thing to corn syrup here is maple syrup so it had a maple flavor to it.   It was actually pretty good.

    We invited some friends over.  They are from the states as well.  We both had our maids there and introduced them to a traditional (kinda) Thanksgiving dinner.  And then they cleaned up after us and watched the kids while we visited.   That part was very surreal, but totally the way to go!  hahaha!  Let the holiday
season begin!  

Eighteen minutes of fame

    When we first told everyone that we were moving to a foreign country,  friends asked us if we watched the T.V. show "House Hunters International".   Needless to say we started watching the show,  and then I applied! All I did was send and E-mail with our info and then I got a reply!  They were interested in our story and wanted us to make an audition video.  Well it was crunch time for us, so we made our audition video like and hour before we were leaving for the airport.   I thought well, that was fun but no way are we getting on the show.  I was so wrong!   They came and filmed us for 3 days last week!!
    Here is how it works, they come film for one day at your origanal home and 3 days in the new country, but you are already living in your house.So it's two days of touring houses and then they do a day of your family visiting sites in your new country.  They move all the furniture out so you can take the tour and then they move it all back in, (they hire locals to help with this process.) Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought reality T.V. was in real time.
    In our case It was even harder for them because our apartment complex would not let them film here so they  had to find a house for us to pretend to live in. (Just so ya know they were not happy about this) They really do try to keep things as real as possible under the circumstances.  We had not seen the houses before we toured them with the camera, so we were genuinely surprised, with what we saw.  I loved that they really let us tell our story,  It was not fed to us.   How cool is it that! Our experience professionally documented and edited!!

 The cameraman
 Delena's OTF  (on the fly interview)
 If you said something they liked you knew it, because they had to get you saying it over and over so they can film you saying it from every angle. I must be HGTV's brand of corny because I did that a lot!
This is Carla and Dallin. She was the driver and also helped us out with our kids.  She was Awesome!
Ben's OTF.  They were fascinated by my multi-talented husband. 
Cameraman and the director, they wanted some footage of me freaking out in the car I hope I delivered.
He can dish it out but he can't take it.

 They took us to the beach.
 we were serenaded
 When you walk down the street with a film crew, people either get out of  the way, or they look at you like  dang I was hoping for Julia Roberts. 
 Does this camera make make my head look big?
 Joseph quite liked the director, or maybe he had a little to much lemonade.
 Bright and early getting ready to head out for the day.  We shot from 9am to 6pm.
 This was our real estate agent we really liked her !

Ben telling the director how to do his job. 

That's a wrap! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First 30 days!

  We have been here for a whole month now!  For the most part it has flown by.  We have been busy trying to get acquainted with our surroundings,  The call center is doing well, Ben is working really hard.  I'm afraid  it's really not fair that he has to work so hard and I get to play so much, but I guess that is what play at home moms do!  The kids are doing really well,  we have no set schedule yet except that we swim every other day instead of everyday now,  and church every Sunday. I finally found a craft store, thanks to a friend from the embassy, and have been able to do a few more preschool activity's with them.
   We are looking into some schools for Joseph,  here he is eligible for kindergarten.  So I need to get him ready for that,  it means he would have school from 7am-12:30pm 5 days a week, he is not even 5 yet!  He is a total homebody and struggled last year with 4 days a week.   It's that or home school. But, man! THAT takes a patient person!!   (which I am not! And I'm a total pushover!!)  It would be a great opportunity for him to go to school here, he could potentially go to the British school and have Spanish as a second language.  But I would have to  be brave and drive him there!
   I have been driving here! yesterday I even drove to the American school where I am taking my Spanish class. which I am so glad I decided to do!  I love the teacher, she does a good job of teaching culture as well as language. She is from El Salvador so it helps me to hear her accent to get my "ear" for local Spanish which is a real challenge. This week we went on a field trip to the open market which was way fun! and I am glad to know some shopping/ bargaining phrases, as I need to be able to go to the store without Ben. 
    Someday this blog will be our memories of this adventure in our life so... Random picture time!
 Me at the Market
 This is my friend Minnie, from my Spanish class, She is from Taiwan working on her 3rd language!! 
 This is how they roll!  I'm sure to them I look just as strange belting my kids in.  Paranoid Gringa! 
 The fountain in our apartment complex the kids get excited when the water is actually on.
 Joseph joined in this game of  Spanish water UNO, his mother was not as brave. 
 I'll try anything once!
There is beauty all around!  (look closely you can see the temple in the background) 

Monday, November 07, 2011


   So our first Holiday in El Salvador was Halloween!  The kids wanted to be bats thanks goodness! because we had very limited options for costumes and I have no sewing machine so... we bought some devil horn headbands and garbage bags and made some bat costumes! I'm not gonna lie was really worried!  But they turned out great and  the kids got to go trick or treating at the call center which was so fun.  The agents were so sweet to the kids and they got a lot of candy!  And the best part?  It was all over by 12:30! Everyone is happy.

And then of course we worked on our farmers tan!