Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Redeye

We made it! We are finally here in El Salvador ready for our adventure!
     The plane ride went much better than expected. I packed weighed and re packed suitcases for 3days to get the right weight (50lbs). But Ben still had to get pretty creative at the airport and rearranged suitcases like a pro. All our bags weighed in at exactly 50lbs we had all sizes of bags too. Whew! Now I could calm down. (a little.)
     The plane left SLC @ 1:00 am and arrived in E.S. @ 11:30am .  This sounded like a cryfest waiting to happen to me. But the boys did great!  They were fast asleep during the waiting period at the airport and that was nice.  We got lucky in our seating arrangements and the kids were able to have plenty of room to spread out and slept the whole first flight (3hrs).  Side note about car-seats on planes, We brought both the boys a seat,  Joseph's was a no go because its just a booster with a back and he was more comfortable in the plane seat. Dallin's however was a lifesaver it tilted back in the seat perfectly and  he slept in it for a long time when he got uncomfortable in it, I just held him on my lap. Which worked, but, I am glad I didn't have to hold him the whole time.  We had a 21/2hr layover in Atlanta and then the kids were awake for  the second flight.  But It was only 31/2 hours so between the Ipad,  Iphone, the leapster, and food it was pretty good.  The kids were cranky the rest of the day but we survived!  Good kids! 
    We flew Delta and had a great experience, the planes were nice and the Stewardesses were nicer!  One of them even gave Joseph one of the pilots doughnuts! I love that they provided blankets!  No lost luggage no complaints about car seats. Thanks Delta!
     Advice for anyone Flying abroad: don't buy the biggest suitcase you can find!  People tried to tell me but I still thought I needed big suitcases.  Maybe one big one if you are bringing pillows and blankets but they hit the weight limit really fast and so you end up not being able pack them tight and then things are loose. Clothes are surprisingly heavy!!  Get 20" instead of the 30" and use space bags!

How to get you kids to wait patiently.

Home sweet home!  Its like 5:00pm and we are soooo... putting the kiddos to bed soon. 
And we get to sleep in a bed tonight hooray!  

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Project Maniac said...

Wow, what a long day. Defiantly nice to be home. I'm glad it went ok.