Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Instant friends!

    We attended our new ward for the first time this Sunday.  It was the day of the primary program and it was beautiful!  Yes it was all in Spanish but I quickly learned that about half the ward is bilingual, we live in the same area as the American embassy so there are actually like 10 or so North American family's living in the ward including the couple Missionary's who are serving in the Temple.
    Joseph's primary was in both English and Spanish so he had a lot of fun!  And Dallin did not seriously injure himself or any of the other children in nursery so that is always a good day.  
    I was impressed that all the English children spoke their parts in Spanish, so cool!  Everyone was so friendly and I was very impressed with Sunday school and relief society, nobody falls asleep in these classes because they don't wait for you to volunteer they just call on you.  Also, I introduced myself in Spanish! Go Me!  
    On Monday the Americans were having a brunch that they invited me to attend (so dang nice!)  A wonderful experience!  These are some pretty amazing women!   Great examples of what the Gospel is all about, they all know exactly what I'm going through and had some great advice for me!  They just knew what I needed and have been so incredibly kind!!   One of the girls just flat out said "we are your new best friends" and gave me her number.  Would I do that for someone else?  I will now! because it was an answer to my prayers.  New country or new neighborhood we all need People like this in our lives!

   Most of the Embassy workers Family's move country's every 2-5 years!!  These women amaze me, I didn't hear one person complain about being here, all have 4 or more children are very friendly and thoughtful, and they even drive here! (yeah I'm way out of my league!)  This is the 3rd 4th and 5th mission for these missionary's!  

  We also put together hygiene kits for the flood victims at this brunch.  The woman on the left is Lisa and she was kind enough to drive me and Kiddos around yesterday.  She is one tough cookie her husbands Job has taken her all over the world.  I am excited to get to know her, and all of them.  Who knew there were so many of us Latter Day Saint gringos in little El Salvador?


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