Friday, October 28, 2011

In El Salvador por fin!

Well all,

I figured it was time for an update. Delena has done a great job posting to our family blog about our adventure here. ( But I have not taken the time to reach out to everyone. I wanted to let you know we have arrived and are safe. We got here two weeks ago as a family and what an adventure it was. The kids did great on the red eye flights and slept or played games most of the way. The hardest part was getting car seats on and off of the planes. At one point I had two car seats and two backpacks at one time in my arms. We arrived with everything we owned crammed into 8 suitcases each weighing exactly 50 pounds.

As we were flying in, I told Delena something didn't look right about the country. The rivers were flooding and it was raining a lot. Sure enough Hurricane Jova had hit Mexico and the tropical storm was spreading through out the country. It rained our first 10 days here and many people lost their homes. It was similar to the tragedy of the 2001 earthquake I experienced here. The country is now dry again and people are rebuilding but it was tough.

Our Call Center is up and running and we are hiring agents everyday. I can't believe we went from a small office building next to Walmart in El Salvador to a fully functional call center in 4 months. We have been very blessed with success and are beating the other centers with our numbers. Most of all it has been great to get to know so many wonderful people and know we are helping them with work. Right now I have 25 employees, we are hiring 70 more by December. At year end we should be at 90 to 100 agents. We take financial services calls right now (ironic) and are expanding into some more customer service and sales calls soon.

We miss so many things about the states, but are loving our time here. At church on Sunday a group of expat women huddled around Delena and became her new best friends. With in minutes she felt at home again, though never the same as we felt on Raymond Ave. Our ward is the temple ward, so we go to church next to the El Salvador temple. We have all of the temple workers and embassy families that attend with us. This gives us all lots of chances to speak spanish and english.

Our kids are happy and enjoying this new world, already they are picking up some spanish. Delena starts here spanish lessons on Saturday and soon will be fluent as well. We have adopted a Turtle called Mr. Turtle or Senior Tortuga to keep us company. Overall things a well and we are getting settled...

Love you all and talk to you soon.


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