Friday, October 21, 2011

"But I wuv my pig mommy"

     Grandma Markland's parting gift to Dallin was a stuffed pig from the angry birds game.  He has carried it everywhere and had it in his hand while playing on the balcony.  Well, he dropped it, and it landed on the balcony below us.  He was very upset!  I told him he would have to wait until Daddy gets home to go down and ask for it because Mama no hablo Espanol.    "I wuv my pig Mommy"  "I miss my pig Mommy"  over and over again!  
     Ben gets home and I tell him what happened and he says "this will be good for you to go practice some Spanish and meet the neighbors."  Here is the problem with that, when they talk back I freeze because they sound nothing like Maria from my Spanish lessons.  I begged him to go with me, but he didn't budge.  So I  wrote a script of things I would need to say, some things that they might say back so I would be prepared.  practiced everything!  The Maid answered the door and all I said was Buenos (because here you don't really say hola until you know them better) I hadn't prepared for this scenario so I just smiled and tried to remember something I could say.  Now I was flustered and when the next woman came to the door I seriously had to look at my notes. Lame!!  Anyway the nice Lady interrupted my valiant efforts to speak to her and said "It's OK I speak English"  I almost kissed her! 
    I now have a heart for all the people I have met in my life who do not speak English.  Wow It's tough being the minority! I haven't been this insecure since middle school.  I CAN do this!  It's only gonna get more intense.

Reunited with his pig! 

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