Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Because I want to remember

   This post is a review of some things in the past six months,  because I couldn't write in the moment I was too wrapped up in it.  I think its important for me to remember these times because I have (reluctantly) learned a lot!

    Moving is pretty much the hardest thing I have ever done!! I had no idea how much concentration and undivided attention you need to accomplish this monster task!  I had 3 months to pack, sell or store, 5 years and 2 kids worth of stuff!    I loved my "stuff" and selling of my precious piles tore my heart out!  Thus, lesson #1 its just "stuff".  I only miss a few things and can't even remember most of it.  Around this time my Aunts house burned down and I just kept thinking of her and how she did not get to wrap her her precious things and gently store what she wanted to keep.  Selling things we had just bought didn't seem so bad.   And now we are down to just 5 suitcases!  Wow!

 Then there was the flood! I had started the washing machine and left the kidletts downstairs playing while I had a meeting upstairs.  "Somehow" (Dallin...) the hose came out of the washing machine and filled the basement like a swimming pool for 2 1/2 hours!   What a mess!  lesson # 2 ask for help!! My sweet friend who I was meeting with helped us bring wet toys and other possessions upstairs very quickly!  I had told her  she could just go home home, but was so thankful for her help!  Then my ever helpful in-laws came and helped us suck up water for hours before we realized that this was not even making a dent and we called in the experts and filed and insurance claim.  They cut part of the walls out and  had a lot red tape to get through so sending the kiddos downstairs to play while I packed was no longer an option. And I was doing hair in the kitchen again.  At least everything from the basement was now confined to the living room where I  could sort through it??  I had to ask for help with the kids so much that Joseph begged me to stay home and Dallin begged to leave.  I am thankful for wonderful people who helped out during this time you know who you are and you are an example to me!  Thank you!
    Lesson #3 sometimes you just have to leave a mess and get some sleep!  Ok, so maybe this one is a work in progress.  But I have been forced to see how bad it can get and now I know the difference between something that can wait and something that needs to be done now!  When push comes to shove it gets done even if its not perfect it will be ok.

 Lesson # 4 don't worry be happy! My mom has been trying to teach me this my whole life! And once again I'm a work in progress.  But after we were totally ready to go... we were delayed!  And once again Joe and Rayma to the rescue!  We had already rented our house but the company wanted Ben to stay and do some work in the states.  So we moved in with them.  I was so worried about the kids in the newly finished basement.  And you know what?  They drew on the walls, peed, on the carpet, threw rocks, and broke something on the golf cart.  All the things I worried about happened!  And we have not been disowned! most things were corrected and the world is still spinning.
   Lesson # 5 Good things come to those who wait.  And in 3 months of waiting good things have come, I think we will always cherish this time with them! The boys have enjoyed some very special time with their grandparents. I have had ample time to slow down and even read a few books, study Spanish and watch 3 seasons of Star Trek which is a dream come true for Ben. (And he loves me even more for it!)  We had "Markland Cupcake Wars" which was a blast!  I have learned lots homemaking techniques from Rayma And hopefully I will no longer make Chewy chicken!  Ben is really enjoying his job.  He is getting to use his talents to the MAX and loves the challenge of it all!  He is amazing!  And Focus is so excited to have him on their team.

   Lesson #6 Friends are worth the time investment.  This one surprised me, I have always been a social person.  Being somewhere temporarily, sadly, I have not reached out to make friends here and I miss my Raymond friends so much!  I'm so glad we would go running together in the mornings.  I can see us outside with the kids all playing and riding bikes while the moms talk laugh and sometimes cry.  Now I wish I would have made more time for that. I'm glad I was involved in playgroup (thanks Sabrina!) Now I know that that was the season of my life to do those things and sometimes I was reluctant! Because I was too busy? Really?  I'm so glad we did a Joyschool group!  We had a great group and I felt very close to those amazing mothers!  I miss all my hair clients, I always knew I loved doing hair but now I know why.  Its the people!  I love having that personal relationship that comes when they trust me to make them look and feel great!  And lets be honest, we tell each other things in that chair we never would normally!!

Lesson #7  God knows ME and who I can become!  Early on in the decision making process there was a day when I got really scared of the idea of moving to a Foreign country and I started to shake and was overcome with emotion.  I knelt down to say a prayer, and I had the most peaceful feeling come over me and I felt calm from my toes to my head. I know the Holy Ghost comforted me that day.  I have sometimes had doubts about this whole thing because of all the changes and uncertainty but as I was reading in my scriptures the other day I came across these words "Did I not speak apeace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater bwitness can you have than from God?" D&C6:23   And once again I was at peace.  I am so glad to know that my Heavenly Father knows what I'm going through!  And even when this world is so big and I feel so small in comparison  he takes the time to comfort me and guide me, if I take the time to be comforted and guided.  I want to be the woman he sees in me, because apparently she is much stronger than I am now.  

   There is so much more I want to remember but now its time to get back to weighing suitcases and tying up loose ends.  I'm thankful for such a rich life and rich memories!


The Meadow Muffin Diaries said...

good for you!

Rayma said...

Great thoughts and memories. We will miss you but you will love El Salvador I know.

Project Maniac said...

Good lessons to keep in mind. Thanks for the reminder.