Thursday, September 22, 2011

Almost to El Salvador

Hello all!

5 Airports in 3 Days. That is a lot of traveling. Right now I am between two worlds missing my family so much. In preparation to setup our El Salvador Call Center, I have had to come down to El Salvador earlier than the rest. On the way I spent a few days with one of our clients to observe how they run their business and improve our work.

So far I have been to SLC, NY, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta and finally El Salvador. A little too many airplanes for me. This might become the norm though. They have asked that I stay on and help with a Utah call center as well as work with an El Salvador center. So I am thinking it will be 3 weeks in El Salvador and 1 week in Utah. We shall see.

Finally we have our place setup in El Salvador, it is just waiting for the family and the kids to come down and enjoy it. Pictures coming soon! Next week I will be headed back home to pick everyone up and bring them back to El Salvador.

Our center looks great and we will starting taking calls on the 26th. Very exciting!

We will do our best to send out emails to keep people updated and also post to our blog at


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