Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, here we are!

So its true what they say, about every kid being different! I love both my boys so much and having 2 kids is so busy! Joseph and Dallin are getting along great so far! I heard allot of horror stories of siblings attacking the new baby and I'm very thankful this has not been the case. Joseph is very concerned when Dallin cries but he doesn't dare touch him when he is crying.
This picture was taken on the day of Dallins blessing. Ben was also ordained a High Priest and put in the bishopric that day, so it was a special day for us.
Summer has been very busy for us we spent last week with my side of the fam and this week we are going camping with Ben's side. Joseph has a "McQueen" fishing pole and is very excited to use it. I love watching him experience life's little joys it makes me happy.