Thursday, February 19, 2009


February is a fun month at our house because Ben and Joseph both have birthdays. Ben's is on the 5th, which fell on a Thursday this year which is one of the days we don't even get to see him. so we partied on Friday. We went to lunch together and then I surprised Ben by kidnapping him. He thought we were just going to dinner and a movie which we did and then we checked in to the Hilton. He was very surprised. We had to laugh at ourselves because we were in our room at 9:00. So we went to another movie just because we could! It was great we were so relaxed the next day we didn't get anything done. I just love spending time with my awesome husband!

Joseph turned 2 years old on Feb 9Th. I invited a few of his friends over and i hope they had fun. I figured something simple would entertain 2-3 yr old so I wanted to make a bean bag toss game out of a cardboard box. But then being the great dad that he is Ben comes in with this huge board with perfect bean bag toss holes in it and I was thrilled!! The kids all got to take home a bean bag. Joseph loved being the center of attention and acted a little extra spoiled the rest of the day. how did he know you are allowed to do that on your b-day? We got him a play kitchen that took Ben over 2 hours to put together. He is growing fast sometimes I can't believe the things he does. We have been trying out the toddler bed and one night he was very restless and we did our bedtime routine and as soon as i left the room. He turned his light on and started playing, so i went in and told him he needed to get back in his bed or I would put him in his crib. We did this 2 more times and then on the third time when I went in he looked at me and just hung his little head and walked over to his crib like he knew he just couldn't focus tonight and gave up. I laughed all night. He is so stinking cute!!


Tim n Tara said...

That is pretty funny. Kids are so fun and always keep us entertained.

Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ben Joe and Joseph! How's the potty training going?

Big Papa said...

Hey! I just wanted to say that we really enjoyed having Joseph last weekend that was so fun. he finally warmed up to me and we had a few laughs together. We will take him whenever you are down. It was good to see you to Delena. Thanks for letting us go out for a few hours as well. We love you guys to death can't wait until next time.

The southern Lew crew

Rebecca said...

Happy Happy Birthday BenJoe and Joseph Dears...happy days will come to you all year! What a great ideas for both B-days. I think I'm going to steal them. Love Rebecca