Thursday, February 19, 2009


February is a fun month at our house because Ben and Joseph both have birthdays. Ben's is on the 5th, which fell on a Thursday this year which is one of the days we don't even get to see him. so we partied on Friday. We went to lunch together and then I surprised Ben by kidnapping him. He thought we were just going to dinner and a movie which we did and then we checked in to the Hilton. He was very surprised. We had to laugh at ourselves because we were in our room at 9:00. So we went to another movie just because we could! It was great we were so relaxed the next day we didn't get anything done. I just love spending time with my awesome husband!

Joseph turned 2 years old on Feb 9Th. I invited a few of his friends over and i hope they had fun. I figured something simple would entertain 2-3 yr old so I wanted to make a bean bag toss game out of a cardboard box. But then being the great dad that he is Ben comes in with this huge board with perfect bean bag toss holes in it and I was thrilled!! The kids all got to take home a bean bag. Joseph loved being the center of attention and acted a little extra spoiled the rest of the day. how did he know you are allowed to do that on your b-day? We got him a play kitchen that took Ben over 2 hours to put together. He is growing fast sometimes I can't believe the things he does. We have been trying out the toddler bed and one night he was very restless and we did our bedtime routine and as soon as i left the room. He turned his light on and started playing, so i went in and told him he needed to get back in his bed or I would put him in his crib. We did this 2 more times and then on the third time when I went in he looked at me and just hung his little head and walked over to his crib like he knew he just couldn't focus tonight and gave up. I laughed all night. He is so stinking cute!!