Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Scofield Triathlon

Back in April, Delena ran her first Triathlon in St. George. When she finished the race she told me about another Triathlon in Scofield, Utah. We often go fishing and camping there and so we knew the area well. She asked me if I would like to do it. I said, "No way, that is your thing...I am not going to do it." After about a month of her talking about it and having seen her do one. I started to think maybe I could and that it could be fun.

My biggest worry was the swim, you see I never could really swim as a kid; so I went up to Weber State and practiced a few laps for about a week. Then I came home and said, "I am mad at you, you have inspired me and I will sign up for the Scofield Triathlon." She was so excited.

Two months of training, three days a week, two times a day, finally paid off on Saturday. I was so scared and nervous. I had the swim down in the lap pool, but a lake is a whole other story. We had done a lake swim a few days before and I hyper-ventilated. What was I going to do at the race!

At the race, I had to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes because of my nerves. The called us into the water, I was so scared. Then the countdown began and finally the moment came--we were off. Before I knew it, we were done and we had finished, I survived! It was such an amazing accomplishment as a family. We had so much fun together and I am very proud of Delena and all her hard work to get here. She was so inspiring.

This is the breakdown of the event:

Swim - 1/2 Mile Open Water
  • Delena - 26 Minutes
  • BenJoe - 30 Minutes
Bike - 12 Miles
  • Delena - 50 Minutes
  • BenJoe - 1 Hour 1 Minute
Run - 5k
  • Delena - 33 Minutes
  • BenJoe - 32 Minutes
  • Delena - 1 Hour 57 Minutes
  • BenJoe - 2 Hours 11 Minutes

Below is a slide show of the event.


Lisa Duke said...

Congrats! You two are amazing!! I admire your motivation... I should get in shape and do something like that.

April said...

man what an inspiration the both of you are. That is totally AWESOME!!!! Trent wants to do one so bad, you should help him train for on for next year. I am glad all went well and you didn't hyperventalate. Miss you guys.

Rebecca said...

That is awesome! I'm so impressed and motivated. Delena, you are fast fast fast

Anonymous said...

I really want to do one of those next year. I think it will be a great goal to train for. Let me know as you find out about different triathalons in the area.


Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

Ok, so I know that this was a while ago but great job you two. I want to do one in the spring. I don't know how dedicated I am though.