Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 100th Pinochle Game

Some of you may not know this, But Delena and I are huge Pinochle fans. Pinochle is a fun card game similar to Rook or Hearts. We have been playing for years. Two years ago we taught our neighbors the Fullers how to play the game. Since then, we play nearly weekly! About a year ago we decided to keep score. Last weekend in the heat of Pinochle battle we realized we were one game away from our 100th game since keeping score.

Tonight was the night! We had a big dinner and Delena baked a Pinochle cake. The game went forward. The first two hands set the girls back 760 points. But they rallied forward and made up

their deficit quickly. Most would have given up being negative 760, but the girls didn't. The boys

got a double pinochle pushing their points to 900. The girls then got a big hand and we ended up at 1360 for the boy and 1280 for the girls. Since the bidder goes out, we all went berserk for the final bid. I got it for 380 and my partner passed great. The boys ended up winning 1786 to 1410. It was a great game with tons of great plays. I can't believe they made up over 2000 points.

Our super bowl is now over. Final scores for the first 100 games. Guys 56 Girls 44. We will see you at the next 100 games.


Darwin, Jen, Jensyn, and Hurley said...

Looks like fun. Darwin and I should learn (we want to learn how to play Ginn). I really like the sidewalk chalk decorations-Girls do RULE!

Rebecca said...

Wow you guys are so funny, I love all the hype! I'm so sorry you lost Delena....I guess you'll get your chance on the next 100th anniversary :) you guys are great people!

Cierra & Matt said...

We knew how to paint, thats for sure! :) How are you guys? It's been way too long.