Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dave Ramsey Update

Well Delena and I, along with the Fullers, attended Dave Ramsey LIVE today. It was an exciting seminar on taking control of your finances. Working in the financial industry, I always felt I was pretty financially savvy. Then about a year ago I saw an episode of The Dave Ramsey show on FOX Business. I was impressed on his financial ideas. For Christmas I got the book, The Total Money Make Over, by Dave Ramsey. It was a New York Times Best Seller and I quickly found out why. After finishing the book in about two days; I then passed it on to Delena for her reading pleasure. We were hooked. Finally a wealth building program that you don't have to buy anything. Just work hard, live on a budget and understand the debt is dumb! I realized all I knew about finances was wrong and I could do so much better. The exciting part is his ideas fall in line with the church!

Well here we are, nearly a year later and excited for our future of Financial Freedom. We no longer worship at the alter of the great FICO, we will never get a loan for a car again, and love meeting together once a week to discuss our budget (sometimes more). Our marriage has grown closer because of this program.

Well when we heard Dave was coming to Salt Lake City, we jumped on the chance to go. He really just re-explained all we knew from reading his books, watching his show, or downloading his podcasts. But it was great to get that extra bump. He had lots of great energy and really got us moving.

Thanks for all those who followed us on Twitter.

Check out his site at


Nielsen Family said...

That's awesome, keep drinking the juice! We have this book; I'm sure the convention was a blast! Keep it up, guys!

I am Amber Bailey Stevenson said...

So I randomly came across you site, and can I say you guys are amazing! I can't believe how good you both look, you are machines. Seriously I am so impressed. I showed your site to Tyson and he was equally impressed. And now I'm going to have to buy that book too.
We miss you guys. I'm just figuring out this Blogging stuff. Our site is
We need to hang out sometime soon.

Amber Stevenson

Lisa Duke said...

Well hi there!! Its me... I just got into the blogging thing again and created my own blog I still need to call you back Delena, the past few days have been crazy, but we need to catch up! I am going to tell Aaron about this Dave guy and the book, he is all about stuff like that, and we like discussing new ideas. Much Love!

Annalie said...

Hey Delena, I didn't know you guys had a blog! Your little boy is the cutest ever! So where you at now, what you up to etc. I have a blog as well its It was good to be able to read about ya!

Matt & Cierra said...

Hello! How are you guys? It's been a while. Whats new in your neck of the woods?

Shelly said...

Hi Delena! I somehow found your blog through other people, you guys are great at keeping your up! I saw your Dave Ramsey post and I have to tell you that we are "Dave-a-holic's" as well. I finished the Total Money Makeover book about 2 months ago, it's hard creating a budget when you don't have any income! But it's got us watching every penny we spend. Glad to have a fellow Dave nerd. :) We have a blog too, it's Keep blogging! -Shelly (Heaton) Nyberg-