Friday, April 04, 2008

Greg Mann Music - Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

Greg Mann Music - Acoustic Singer/Songwriter

For sometime now I have been getting into the local music of Greg Mann. He is a singer/songwriter that is here locally and belongs to a band called Once (that is in Spanish so pronounce the "e".) He has some really great music with a very cool sound. I have been listening to him for sometime and to be honest, I didn't like the first song I heard, but then their latest album and songs have blown me away. I have been really impressed with what he is producing. I now have them permanently on my Ipod.

A few months ago Greg told me he had a video out to one of my favorite songs he sings - Share the Light. Well I ran into him again today and he asked if I had seen the video yet--I had not. So I went to his website, and I really loved the video. So I want to share it with you all:

Also check out his new Spanish song Era Asi - So It Was. It is based on the Short Story by Ricardo
Palma, "La Camisa de Margarita". Which if you can read Spanish, it is worth the read it.


The Case Family said...

Thanks for sharing I totally enjoyed that! By the way

Benjoe, you are tagged! You have to share 7 random facts about yourself on your blog! I'll be checking to make sure you are doing it. Ha ha!

April said...

I have one of Once's first cd's from about 5 years ago. Greg and Jake were in my ward when April and I lived on Canyon Rd. in Ogden. They came in and recorded with me one day when I was working at Dream Weaver studio. It's cool to see them still playing!

Sometimes I miss playing and recording a lot.