Monday, March 10, 2008

At home and alive

Surprisingly I feel very well for having had surgery. My stomach is really tight and sore, kind like I had been doing crunches all week and now finally taking a break. The part that hurts is the gas! My shoulders and back are aching with pain from the gas they use. I can't lay down, cause it hurts, so standing up is easier, but it hurts. So I back and forth looking for a good, comfortable position.

Thanks to all who have called and emailed.


April said...

Oh BenJoe,I am so sorry, that sucks, I bet surgery is no fun. Hopefully the recovery time goes fast and that you have some pills to make you comfortable.Let us know if you need anything.

Nielsen Family said...

Ben! I hope you are able to find some relief! I just had my 4th abdominal surgery, and yes, it is amazing how much you use your stomach muscles! We send our best and wish you a quick recovery!

Darwin, Jen, and Jensyn said...

Well, I am glad that you are at home and alive at least. Recovery from surgery does not sound like fun. We wish you the best!

Rebecca said...

Holy cow you went under the knife!! Yikes. I've heard that the gas hurts. I'm such a bad friend to you guys....always falling out of touch. I'm out of touch with life online now of days too. My camera and computer broke. So as you can see I'm way behind on updating my blogitty blog. Life is crazy we sold our house in a week (to move nextdoor), and close in mid April. We are planning on going to Dave Ramsy in May....we should go to dinner before (D said you might not have plans). Anyway this is long, I should have emailed. I love you guys!!!! BenJoe and Delena Rock!!!-Rebecca

BenJoe said...


I have emailed you a couple of times and posted on your facebook page.

Good to see your alive, I got an email from Mike telling me about the house.

We too are going to Dave in May. Email me and we can talk more