Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogging...3 years and counting.

I got to thinking today about how long we have had this blog. So I went back to the first post and it was honestly, three years ago! I can remember my idea to blog now. I was driving home with Delena from her brother's wedding. We had a talk about getting married that day (see my first post). Right then I knew it was for real, we were going to get married and soon. I had already saved for the ring (see my second post), but I wanted a little more cash to seal the deal. I thought to myself what a great way to preserve these moments, I should keep a blog.

It turned into an amazing journal of info, people from all over the world, including Germany and England posted comments supporting our, soon to be, marriage. Our families and friends read in anticipation for the money I would propose (see this post). One group of people even toasted our proposal, in Germany, with a beer. (see this post and comments) We were also on (see this post) the TV show, because of our blog and so much more.

Thanks for a great three years, but really, it is all because of Delena. She is the reason this all began and the reason I am so happy in life. I will never forget the day we met and my life changed for ever (see this post). Thank You my dear, you are the best and I love you.


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