Friday, December 21, 2007

The "Merry" Maws: Tag I'm It! 6 random things about me

The "Merry" Maws: Tag I'm It! 6 random things about me

A good friend of ours, and fellow blogger, tagged us to share six random things. April posted some great items on her blog and then tagged us. Therefore we feel it would only be fair to the rules of tag, to answer such questions.

Six Random Things:

1. I Collect Antique Hall China Teapots. My mother about 20 years ago started collecting Hall China Teapots, as a kid I would purchase teapots for her as gifts and eventually I started collecting them myself.

2. I played the guitar in front of Wal-Mart for money. When I was at Dixie, I was broke. So I played the guitar in front of Wal-Mart. I made nearly $10 an hour, so I would often ask girls out and then go play to have enough money to go on the date. I eventually got arrested and was banded from Wal-Mart for life.

3. I have never lost at the game of Scene It - Movie Edition. I have just seen too many movies. I quote them 24/7.

4. I send and receive over 100 emails everyday. I am a Sales Manager and my sales teams all report to me via email and I reply to almost every email. This is nearly 40 to 50 emails from them and about 40 to 50 replies. My record is 242 in one day.

5. I use to paint my toe nails. I had mostly girl friends not guy friends most of my life. So I would often have girls try and do my make up or my nails. Eventually I got good at it. Also I was in theater in college so I learned how to do that too. When I met Delena, my wife, I had silver metallic painted toenails, and I had purple toenails when I met her parents. I always wore sandals in those days.

___ UPDATED Missing One ____

6. I ran the #1 Beatles Fan Website on the Net from 1993-1998. This was ranked the top on the net! I knew everything about the Beatles and loved them. I closed the site when I went on my mission and never picked it back up. There are still people out their who have links to it, but it no longer exists.

I now tag Rebecca Mitchell and Norma Nielsen.


April said...

OK just hilarious, love the painted toenails, still do that?
I bet I could beat you at Scene it, I rock at the game. Good job.

Nielsen Family said...

Hey, you only posted 5!! I'm waiting to hear one more good one, Ben. By the way, I love the Wal-Mart one. Good times!

Darwin, Jen, and Jensyn said...

Scene It is a hard game. We played that last night with Darwin's family. We thought the rules (the rolling of the dice) was pretty lame. We are not just being sore losers because we won one game. Are you banned from all Wal-Marts or just the one in St. George?

BenJoe said...

I guess I owe everyone one more random thing, I will post that. As for Wal-Mart, I am band only from the St. George one, but it has since closed and the opened one in Washington, so I am not band from that one. However I was with my roommate in college and he got caught shoplifting their and they arrested us both, but I was let go since I didn't do anything.

Melissa Case said...

I remember the Wal-mart incident! I almost went with you guys that day. Good times is right! I remember a lot of funny favorite however is "herkamerk". Ha ha!

BenJoe said...

ah...herkamerk...the tree house brought so much love to us all.