Friday, November 16, 2007

...and down will come Joseph, cradle and all.

Last night I was sitting in class and for no reason; I decided to leave class early. I got about 5 minutes away when my phone rang. It was Delena and she was screaming and crying. My first instinct was that she had gotten in an accident. I could hear Joseph screaming in the background and I knew something was wrong. Delena was so upset I could hardly make out what she was saying. Through all the commotion I deciphered that the baby had fallen down the stairs and was potentially hurt. I told Delena to go straight to the emergency room and I was already on my way.

Moments later I arrived at the hospital to find Joseph and Delena waiting to see the doctor. Joseph was laughing and playing, but Delena was really upset. She explained she had taken down the gate to our basement to do some laundry. Joseph was in another room playing. She then went to the bathroom to start Joseph's bath, when she heard him crashing down the stairs. She knew exactly what had happened so she ran to the stairs to find Joseph at the bottom screaming.

The doctor gave him a full check and said he didn't have a bruise on him. In fact he laughed every time the doctor touched his neck or stomach. We felt very lucky he was alright and Joseph is showing no signs of anything. In fact today he was the happiest he has been in all week. I am sure we all go through these moments and it is amazing how resilient our kids are. We have learned our lesson about the gate and how fast this kid can move.

Above you can see his wrist band from the hospital. What a crazy kid!


Laura, Tyler, and Emma said...

Oh Delena! I am so sorry! Man is everyone just having a crazy week or what?? I am so glad that Joseph is okay. It is amazing how strong those little bodies are. Love you guys!

April said...

I am so sorry, that is horrible, isn't it the worst when kids are hurt and sick? I would way rather it be me. I am glad things are ok. poor little guy.

Melissa Case said...

I am telling you I think every kid has fallen down stairs. I know Hannah did like twice. It is very scarey and it makes you feel awful. But they are amazing and they bounce back so quick. Kudo's for going to the ER to make sure all is ok. You 2 are great parents and Joe is so blessed to have such loving parents.