Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blast from the Past - Colors

Jump back nearly five years ago. I invited a girl, whom I had spoken to only twice, to party and BBQ that I was throwing for new students at Dixie State College. The featured entertainment--Colors.

Colors is an amazing Utah based band that has some amazing music. We had a great time and we sang all the good songs with Colors. Later that evening Colors, this girl I invited, and myself all went caving in St. George. I had many great experiences at Dixie and with Colors. I was sad to hear they stopped recording and I have always wished I could go to one more concert.

The girl I invited later become my wife and our song become "The Reggae Song" by Colors. So when we heard that Colors was having a reunion concert, we were so excited! The minute I heard about the concert I bought tickets. I mean that minute!

The show was amazing. The fans were amazing, everyone was singing their songs and the band was as awesome as we remembered. The came out in the usual style and dress, they sang the greats, including our song. On more than one occasion Delena and I got emotional singing their songs. Colors themselves said they felt the emotion. When the played our song we tried to rush the stage but were stopped by some big Tongans. It really was an amazing night.

After the show we were able to talk to Brian, Ryan, and Russ and they remembered our adventures at Dixie. It is amazing how things have changed, but yet stay the same. Delena and I have been to a lot of concerts, but that was the best one. It brought back so many memories and we can't believe how far we have come.

Thanks Colors.


April said...

I love Colors, I wanted to go so bad, but it just wasn't a good night for us. I have seen them in concert too. I have hung out with them a few times. My best friend was friends with them up at Utah State, they are great guys and such talent. Thats awesome.

Melissa Case said...

Thanks for sharing that neat experience. I too have many fond memories of my days at Dixie. I'm glad you are able to share those times with your wife in such an awesome way.

Bakers said...

this is briana. I'm sending you my blog address (its not much yet) make sure you leave your email address so I can send ya those pictures! Your baby is a stud!

Amanda Jones said...

Ben Joe!! Ben Joe from Dixie!! I am not sure if you remember me but I was on Student Government for Snow College and we crashed at your house one night! I still talk about our "little date" to Denny's and how you made me laugh so freaking hard!! You were the best!! I am so glad to see that you are doing well and you have the cutest wife which totally helped you make the cutest baby!! I love his name too! Just like Daddy!

BenJoe said...

How could I forget the Great Amanda! I think about that night all the time and how much fun we had. You were the most beautiful girl that Snow College ever had attend! How are you? Email me at bmarkland at