Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Going Shoppin'

Delena took Joseph to the store today and let him ride in the cart for the first time. Since Joseph sits up on his own; she was sure it wouldn't be a problem.

Instead it was a big problem--he had too much fun!

He was alert, excited, and laughed at everyone who walked by. His arms swung up and down with excitement and joy. One lady was getting really upset at the self checkout station and started to laugh instead, all because Joseph was so happy.

Check out this cute kid!

What more could you want from a happy baby boy, looks like he is even guarding the canned fruit that Delena put next to him. As he continues to grow and do new things we find ourselves falling in love with him all over again. I was sad a missed this great adventure.


Melissa Case said...

Oh My!! He is too cute. It is so exciting when your little one does something new. I remember that with Hannah every little thing she did was so adorable and now I'm finding it is still as adorable with Marshall. Who knew there would be so much joy with having children? What a blessing.

The Maw Family said...

What a cute picture for little Joe. They do grow up fast and every little thing they do is so great.

The Maw Family said...

hey side note, we have Joe's book and burp cloth, I am washing the burp cloth and I will try and remember to bring them to church on Sun, if not then I will run them by the house. What a good little guy he was. He's welcome anytime.