Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Are Educational Videos Bad for Your Baby? - Newsweek Health - MSNBC.com

Are Educational Videos Bad for Your Baby? - Newsweek Health - MSNBC.com

Delena and I have discussed this a little the past few weeks. Once you become a parent, a whole new world of topics and conversations enter your life. At least once a week someone makes a comment in my direction that if I don't have my baby watching "Baby Einstein" videos, I am a bad parent. As parents we are under constant pressure to make sure our children are the best and the smartest. How will I raise my children so they will be intelligent? The quick answer is always education videos like--Baby Einsteins.

Tonight on the NBC Nightly news they had a report on Educational Videos for babies. I found another article on MSNBC Newsweek and was blown away. Children under two years of age that watch at least one hour of videos comprehend six to eight less words than children who don't watch videos. Essentially for ever hour of videos your child watches; he is failing to grasp intelligence. The American Pediatric Society has been saying this for nearly 8 years but no one has really put attention to it, until this study. Bottom line, education videos have the reverse affect on your children. Human interaction is the best way to educate and grow your child's mind.


The Maw Family said...

It is hard as a parent, there is so much information out there on how to be a good parent. But I'll say one thing, Hudson watched baby einstein and he spoke before anyone his age, earlier than the books say and you could always understand him over the other kids. So he is pretty smart for his age. I think thought that too much is not good. So its finding that happy medium. Its not to say the video's made him smarter, but he wasn't lagging behind like they said in the study. Do whatever you feel best with and little joe will turn out just fine.

BenJoe said...

You make a great point and in the article it clearly explained that the more parental participation in the child's development, the better. If you sit and work with your children and watch educational videos I think it can have a positive affect, but if the videos are an excuse for a babysitter then I think we run into problems.