Monday, July 23, 2007

The Maw Family: Ruby's 1st Love

The Maw Family: Ruby's 1st Love

Can you believe it? Joseph has found his first love. Apparently he didn't even tell us. We had to find out on the internet! What is next, myspace? Are good friends here in our area recently watched our son for a few hours. They have a daughter a few months older than Joseph. They told us they got a long great. But then today I check out their blog and found they were more than friends. I guess it is time for that Birds and the Bees talk (speaking of Bees check out the Maw's post on Carpenter Bees, it will blow your mind!)

Well I have posted a link to their blog on ours. They quickly reminded me that I haven't been good at updating my blog. One thing I have learned about blogging, if you have nothing to say don' force a post. But I have had plenty to say and I have been bad at keeping the world up to date.

Check out their blog and see the great pictures of Ruby and Joseph.


The Maw Family said...

I didn't realize they were in love either until they couldn't stop smiling at laughing at one another. Too funny. We love little Joseph. He is so cute, I could just eat him. We'll watch him anytime. Unless you would like them to see other people we totally understand. HaHa.

Melissa Case said...

How cute are those 2 together. I'm sure if we lived closer our boys would be friends. Joe is so adorable and there is quite a resemblance to Dad. Hope all is well for you and your little family.

Your Dixie Friend, Melissa