Friday, March 09, 2007

One month old and counting...

Our baby is now one month old today. We are so excited for what is to come. We just can't believe how fast the first month went by. What will happen with the first year, or even the second. Delena has done an amazing job with him, while I have been at work. I come home and wonder how she does it all. Joe has been a little stuffed up nose. Delena and I took him to the doctor to make sure it wasn't something more serious, but he is doing fine now. Surprisingly sleeping better all the time.
On a scary note, we will be putting Joe in his own room and his own crib tonight. He hasn't gotten so big, (he now weighs 11lbs 3oz) we have decided it is time for him to try the crib.

One Month Old and counting!

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Gilberts' Fridge said...

BenJoe Markland--long time! Jamie here.
I can't believe you're a daddy-congratulations. Your boy is so adorable. I'm expecting my first in August and hope he/she is as cute as yours (at least).
Check out my blog if you want. I'm not a "My Space" fan either. I'd love to get back in touch!