Monday, February 12, 2007

Please Poop!

As you read this title I am sure you saying I am crazy. But Joe Ben has not pooped all day. About 10 pm he started grunting and crying. We kept with his feeding and that calmed him down but you could see he was in pain.
After 3 dry diapers and one wet one we put him down for bed. He slept about an hour and woke for his feeding. Then he slept for an amazing 7 minutes, only to wake again grunting and screaming. Nothing we did would help.

Then finally at 3:15 am he pooped! We couldn't believe it, we had thought he had done it so many times before. But this time Delena was positive.

We checked and sure enough he had! "It was beautiful," Delena said. We couldn't believe it, it was the black green maconium that he had had in the past, it was the real deal!

Now he is eating the best he has all evening (morning) and we can get maybe one hour extra of sleep tonight.

Ahh the joy of poo.


Darrell said...

Yea, I get that way sometimes as well, and as the immortal Shrek has said "It is better out than in."

BenJoe said...

Thanks Grandpa! I am glad we now know where he gets it.

We are so very happy to have this wonderful baby boy in our life. I can't believe how our life has changed.

Thanks for the love and support.