Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our first scare!

Now this may sound lame to some, but it was scary to us. You see Joe Ben has not been sleeping at all, and we anticipated this; but he really hasn't been sleeping. Yesterday Delena's milk came in and so we figured that would help him to sleep a little more and also poop. You see he hasn't really pooped in two days. As today progressed we constantly became worried that he wasn't doing well. But we kept feeding him all day and nothing we did would help him sleep.

About 3 pm the McKay Dee Hospital called and asked Delena how the baby was doing. We told the lady of our concerns about pooping and sleeping. She asked about our nursing procedures. What procedures? She told us we were not feeding him correctly. He is super hungry! We thought because he was breast feeding all day he was getting tons, turns out he wasn't at all. The nurse told us to do the following:

  • Breast Feed 10 minutes
  • Burp
  • Breast Feed 10 minutes on other side
  • Burp
  • Repeat
  • Then Pump
Since we had just tried to feed him, I quickly grabbed a bottle and fed him some formula. In the process I grabbed a nipple that was the medium flow. As I fed him, the milk came out super fast and so I had to burp him like 10 times. He drank down nearly 2 oz in about 5 minutes. Then crashed! He fell asleep so hard, I got worried I had fed him to fast and he was sick. After another call to the doctor (my dad) we felt better.

He slept nearly 3 hours (this is a first since we came home). When he woke up we did our Breast Feeding routine. It was murder on Delena, but we did it! I still supplemented him about 1 oz but we felt much better about the process.

Again he is a sleep, on his own, in his bassinet. Which he has never once used since we got home because he was hungry.

Delena and I both were so worried and felt guilty we had been starving our baby. Delena took it particularly hard at first, but then after we feed him again we both felt much better.

Man, being parents is hard and scary, but we learned a lot tonight.

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