Friday, February 02, 2007

Inducement Day Set

During our last appointment Delena received a little scare. Her blood pressure was a little high and has been feeling sick. The doctor ordered some more test and found that the baby is quickly running our of room; therefore if we don't have it soon we need to be induced. Delena's body is tired of being pregnant and wants to have the baby that is why she is getting sick.

We hope to have it soon but our delivery date isn't until the 16th! Will we make it? Well th doctor as decided that we should go for the 9th as an inducement date. We have our hearts set on Ogden Regional and their GIANT birthing suites, but they are short staffed and we could get bumped a whole week if they are too busy. So we have chosen McKay Dee for the inducement and Ogden Regional if we go into labor.

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