Thursday, March 01, 2007

I went to Cabo and all I got was this "Onesie"

Check this kid out! He looks so good. Grandma and Grandpa Markland got this shirt for him in Cabo San Lucas just before he was born.

Delena and I have had a ton of support the past couple of weeks, but this is our first week on our own. Delena has been amazing! She has done an amazing job with the baby this week. I have been doing my best to support her in everything. But I came down with a cold and was forbidden to hold the baby for two days.

Formula has been a struggle. The baby is eating so much we have to supplement all the time. But the iron is not sitting well. He started throwing up lots of his formula and we got very scared. We called Doc Joe Ben and he coached us through the scare. We have been diluting his formula now and he is doing much much better.

Just when we think we come up with the secret, he changes. It is so crazy. One thing we have discussed is how much we love our baby, but how quickly he can become a chore. I had Delena go for a drive last night because I could see how frustrated and tired she was.

We are surviving! And we love our baby boy so much.


Kimi said...

Hello, your baby is very cute. I am trying to send you a e-mail to try and get in touch with Delena, could you send me your e-mail address? My e-mail is Thank you! Kimberly Tom

BenJoe said...

Going back and looking at this...he looks like a Martian or something. Who put him in that chair all distorted and took a picture?