Sunday, February 11, 2007

Home, Homeward bound again!

We are home! What an amazing experience it is bringing home your first child. We don't have the protection of the nurses any more. We are a little scared but we are happy to be home. Joe has yet to wake up and see his new room, but he seems content on being a sleep.

We stayed at the hospital as long as we could. There was just this big fear of stepping into our home and being parents for real! At the hospital they take the baby to nursery when you want or tell you went to feed him. Not at home, we are on our own. Well I know I have all you to help us when needed.

McKay Dee
was a pleasant surprise, we were dead set on being at Ogden Regional and only went to McKay Dee because we needed to be induced. But our nurses were amazing and everyone treated us so well.

Well...I am off to be a dad!

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