Sunday, February 11, 2007

Discharge Class

McKay Dee has a discharge class. It is supposed to teach us what to do with our child as we go home. They have rockers for the women and donuts for us to eat. Amy is our teacher and is very friendly.

We just finished a video about car seats, and we will have info about feeding, skin, etc.

(a few minutes later)

So far the class is a little slow, but Amy does a nice job keeping it exciting. This last video we watched called Elijah's Story, was heart wrenching. This father, who had never been known as a violent person or a bad person, shook his 1 year old to death. It was so scary, you need to have a plan to cope with all the stress. Delena and I talked on the way back to the room that we would always make time to talk to each other about our frustrations and be willing to talk to others in the case of emergency.

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