Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's a Boy!

Today Delena and I had an amazing experience, together. We found out what our baby was going to be. Of course, if you have read my title to this post, you will know already that it is a boy. I describe you my feelings, you will have to experience them for yourself. But I can say this, I already love my baby boy. We are naming him Joseph Benjamin Markland after my father, whom we love very much, who couldn't think of any better way to honor him. In all actuallity I have wanted to name my first boy this for many years, but now it is finally a reality.

I have put together a short video of the ultrasound and the experience. Enjoy!


Melissa97 said...

WOW! Congratulations!
I'm so excited for you and Delena. I havn't checked on you in awhile and look what happens. This is amazing and that video is beautiful! I too am expecting...we won't know the sex for another 4-5 weeks. Its so thrilling and amazing the blessing of children in your home. You will see! Again congrats and good luck with everything!

Melissa "Dixie Friend"

BenJoe said...

Thanks for the post!

We are so happy and excied.

Anonymous said...

Is he here yet?!! :)

BenJoe said...

Nope...we are getting closer though. only 3 weeks to go!