Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So Cute!!! Our Baby!!

Well believe it or not! We are having a baby. You are now looking at the first two pictures of our child. As we were watching the ultrasound I was completely blown away as to how clear the picture was. In fact, at one point we say little hands and feet. I was so moved by the moment.

Our doctor is Dr. Boheen. She came highly recommended from our friends at work. She is layton, but well worth the drive. I was very impressed by her, she came in, sat down, and the first thing she did was ask us, "Do you have any questions?" It was so nice to have some care about us and not just start telling us what to do. We are very excited to see what future visits will bring.

The baby is just about 10 weeks along and is a little bigger than an inch. Delena was a little sad she wasn't further along. You see, morning sickness has been tough. She has been sick nearly ever morning and has stayed home from work a couple of times. My heart goes out to her. Did you know there is no medical explanation for morning sickness? I have heard tons of theories but no concrete scientific evidence. Well we will survive.

Delena and I are very excited and glad to share these moments with you all. More pictures to come, we promise.

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Jon_Eyre said...

Looking good. I'll see you guys tomorrow. We're really excited for you. Having kids is tough, but well worth it.