Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our a very very very fine house!

In our tiny apartment we were beginning to feel confined. So as an anniversary gift to ourselves we decided to start looking for a home. We got all of our tax information in order and went to our loan officer. Next thing I knew we were pre-approved! A few days later Delena and I contacted a Realtor friend named Dan Kapetanov and began looking for homes. We received so much advice on this topic: You will know it when you see it? Make sure you look for this, don’t buy a home here? Etc. It was all great, but we were so scared as we began looking. Well...we were excited too. We decided that we would look in Clearfield near some of our good friends from college and look in South Ogden.

The first home we looked at was horrible! It was priced at about $125,000 but looked like it had been cleaned in 20 years. The green shag carpet had become matted a long the walkway that everyone had used. Like when a dog walks on the same place in your lawn.

The second home we saw was the same value and as soon as we walked in, we knew it was the home for us! We compared every home we looked at to this one. We just felt it!

The funny thing about this house, is we saw it's picture on the internet and didn't like it at first. But when we went inside, we just fell in love with it!

That night while watching a play we called our Realtor and made an offer on the house. We just had to have it! One our second visit to this house, we found that it has a workshop in the back that would be perfect for a home salon, again, we new that we had to have it.

The loan process was a hard one. Of course I send everyone to Goldenwest Credit Union, where I work, but it was still very stressful. Lots of signing, appraisals, etc. The home inspector found stuff that needed to be fixed; the appraiser found stuff, the title company messed up the Purchase Request for the home, etc. It was crazy. But after a month, the home was ours.

Now we live in this beautiful home. Hopefully I will post more about being a homeowner. Our house is on Raymond Ave in South Ogden. We feel we are right in the middle of everything. The home is just amazing. It is a ramble type home, 3 bedrooms, and 1 bath. A basement family room, and laundry room, a nice backyard, with a cherry tree and garden (my tomatoes are already looking great). We have a detached garage and of course the workshop for our salon.

One of the most stressful but exciting times of my lives.

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