Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday - 27 Years and Counting. -- SURPRISE

It has been way to long since a post to the Markland Family "slash" Newlywed "slash" life Blog. But now is a great time. Every year I down play my birthday, I don't tell anyone and I pass it off like it is no big deal. Every couple of years Delena makes an attempt to through me a surprise party and every year I figure it out and spoil the surprise. This year she got me good!

I guess she has been planning it for about a month, going through my planner to find people to call, etc. Finally she planned it for last night. I had suspected for a few weeks she was doing one, but she was very sneaky and I finally gave up on Thursday night that she was even doing one. Then last night she told me an old friend was in town, Brandon Elmer, and he had gotten a hair cute and wanted to go to dinner with all of us. So we went to Applebee's for Dinner and they played innocent as we ate dinner.

Mike and Rebecca Mitchel trying to be sneaky!

As we were leaving the restaurant Delena said, look I am tired lets go home and rent a movie and just relax. I was tired too, and thought that was a great idea. Again I had been suspecting things all this time, but this was the final shot that made me believe that there wasn't. Just before Dinner I had run home to get something and the house was super clean, and that made me wonder too. Still nothing! As we drove home I kept thinking maybe, but again thought no way, when we pulled up and not a car was in the drive way. We got to the front door, and then I could see the candles glowing in the window.

"DELENA!!!" I walked in the door and BANG! Silly String and noise makers galore. IT was HUGE Surprise Party. Who was there, tons of people:

Delena, Brandon Elmer (friend from college), Mike and Rebecca Mitchel, (friends from college), Stephanie Taylor, Bev Platt, Amber Hyden, Jen Cheever (friends from work), Jon and Jessica Eyre (friends from High School), Mom and my brother Clint. I hope I didn't miss any one.

It was a great party, with games, fun stuff, and great presents. People went to way to much trouble but it was fun time and I was very surprised.

Delena did a Great JOB!.


Jon_Eyre said...

The party was great fun. I was really there you can see my legs in one of the photos.

jdelaney28 said...

oh the irony benjoe. your interests include time management, yet you are a blogger. ANYWAY, it looks like you kids had fun at the big fiesta. look into my blog if you please.

idleness is key,

BenJoe said...

Jon...Couldnt find a better picture but the foot looks great.

Jdelany...Thanks for the visit, As an interested person of time managment I value keeping a record of my life. So I find time to do so...Thanks I will check out your blog soon.