Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's a Boy!

Today Delena and I had an amazing experience, together. We found out what our baby was going to be. Of course, if you have read my title to this post, you will know already that it is a boy. I describe you my feelings, you will have to experience them for yourself. But I can say this, I already love my baby boy. We are naming him Joseph Benjamin Markland after my father, whom we love very much, who couldn't think of any better way to honor him. In all actuallity I have wanted to name my first boy this for many years, but now it is finally a reality.

I have put together a short video of the ultrasound and the experience. Enjoy!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Kids Club Account

Today Delena and I have been discussing our child's future. We are concerned that our child will not have all the money he/she needs to be succesfull. In doing so we have decided we are going to open a Kids Savings account and deposit a determined amount each month into the account. Our goal is that our child can pay for school or a mission with the money when they turn 18. Goldenwest Credit Union offers a great Kids Account called the Kid's Club.

Check it out at Goldenwest Credit Union.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So Cute!!! Our Baby!!

Well believe it or not! We are having a baby. You are now looking at the first two pictures of our child. As we were watching the ultrasound I was completely blown away as to how clear the picture was. In fact, at one point we say little hands and feet. I was so moved by the moment.

Our doctor is Dr. Boheen. She came highly recommended from our friends at work. She is layton, but well worth the drive. I was very impressed by her, she came in, sat down, and the first thing she did was ask us, "Do you have any questions?" It was so nice to have some care about us and not just start telling us what to do. We are very excited to see what future visits will bring.

The baby is just about 10 weeks along and is a little bigger than an inch. Delena was a little sad she wasn't further along. You see, morning sickness has been tough. She has been sick nearly ever morning and has stayed home from work a couple of times. My heart goes out to her. Did you know there is no medical explanation for morning sickness? I have heard tons of theories but no concrete scientific evidence. Well we will survive.

Delena and I are very excited and glad to share these moments with you all. More pictures to come, we promise.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Today was Father's Day. We were very fortunate to spend time with both of our father's this father's day. This morning we drove to Nephi and spent the day with my mom and dad. Then this evening Delena's parents spent the night at our new home and we got to share father's day with them. This is a very unique situation for us, since we live far away from Delena's parents.

Since this situation is so unique, today was as good a time as any to announce our big news:

Delena is two months pregnant, we found out two weeks ago. So we told both our families for father's day. All our family is so excited!

We are very excited too. I will keep you poste later.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our House...is a very very very fine house!

In our tiny apartment we were beginning to feel confined. So as an anniversary gift to ourselves we decided to start looking for a home. We got all of our tax information in order and went to our loan officer. Next thing I knew we were pre-approved! A few days later Delena and I contacted a Realtor friend named Dan Kapetanov and began looking for homes. We received so much advice on this topic: You will know it when you see it? Make sure you look for this, don’t buy a home here? Etc. It was all great, but we were so scared as we began looking. Well...we were excited too. We decided that we would look in Clearfield near some of our good friends from college and look in South Ogden.

The first home we looked at was horrible! It was priced at about $125,000 but looked like it had been cleaned in 20 years. The green shag carpet had become matted a long the walkway that everyone had used. Like when a dog walks on the same place in your lawn.

The second home we saw was the same value and as soon as we walked in, we knew it was the home for us! We compared every home we looked at to this one. We just felt it!

The funny thing about this house, is we saw it's picture on the internet and didn't like it at first. But when we went inside, we just fell in love with it!

That night while watching a play we called our Realtor and made an offer on the house. We just had to have it! One our second visit to this house, we found that it has a workshop in the back that would be perfect for a home salon, again, we new that we had to have it.

The loan process was a hard one. Of course I send everyone to Goldenwest Credit Union, where I work, but it was still very stressful. Lots of signing, appraisals, etc. The home inspector found stuff that needed to be fixed; the appraiser found stuff, the title company messed up the Purchase Request for the home, etc. It was crazy. But after a month, the home was ours.

Now we live in this beautiful home. Hopefully I will post more about being a homeowner. Our house is on Raymond Ave in South Ogden. We feel we are right in the middle of everything. The home is just amazing. It is a ramble type home, 3 bedrooms, and 1 bath. A basement family room, and laundry room, a nice backyard, with a cherry tree and garden (my tomatoes are already looking great). We have a detached garage and of course the workshop for our salon.

One of the most stressful but exciting times of my lives.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Pre-Approved

Talk about scary, Delena and I have decided to get Pre-approved for a home. We have constantly debated on whether or not this was the best time to get a home. We see so many people around us getting into too much debt early. We have done all we can to avoid debt, but we feel a home is in our near future. So now that our taxes have been filed we have decided to get pre-approved today. We will keep you posted.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday - 27 Years and Counting. -- SURPRISE

It has been way to long since a post to the Markland Family "slash" Newlywed "slash" life Blog. But now is a great time. Every year I down play my birthday, I don't tell anyone and I pass it off like it is no big deal. Every couple of years Delena makes an attempt to through me a surprise party and every year I figure it out and spoil the surprise. This year she got me good!

I guess she has been planning it for about a month, going through my planner to find people to call, etc. Finally she planned it for last night. I had suspected for a few weeks she was doing one, but she was very sneaky and I finally gave up on Thursday night that she was even doing one. Then last night she told me an old friend was in town, Brandon Elmer, and he had gotten a hair cute and wanted to go to dinner with all of us. So we went to Applebee's for Dinner and they played innocent as we ate dinner.

Mike and Rebecca Mitchel trying to be sneaky!

As we were leaving the restaurant Delena said, look I am tired lets go home and rent a movie and just relax. I was tired too, and thought that was a great idea. Again I had been suspecting things all this time, but this was the final shot that made me believe that there wasn't. Just before Dinner I had run home to get something and the house was super clean, and that made me wonder too. Still nothing! As we drove home I kept thinking maybe, but again thought no way, when we pulled up and not a car was in the drive way. We got to the front door, and then I could see the candles glowing in the window.

"DELENA!!!" I walked in the door and BANG! Silly String and noise makers galore. IT was HUGE Surprise Party. Who was there, tons of people:

Delena, Brandon Elmer (friend from college), Mike and Rebecca Mitchel, (friends from college), Stephanie Taylor, Bev Platt, Amber Hyden, Jen Cheever (friends from work), Jon and Jessica Eyre (friends from High School), Mom and my brother Clint. I hope I didn't miss any one.

It was a great party, with games, fun stuff, and great presents. People went to way to much trouble but it was fun time and I was very surprised.

Delena did a Great JOB!.