Sunday, October 30, 2005

Season's Greatings

Well, It is not quite time to be sending Christmas card yet. The topic amongst my newlywed friends is, "who's house do we go to for the holidays". Many of the couples I have spoken to seem unwilling to compromise on the situation. It is especially tough for people that live long distances from both sides of the family.
One friend I have is a terrible pickle, her family moved to St. George and she hasn't been able to spend the last few holidays with them. Her husband just returned from a mission and has not spent any holidays with his family. You can already see the fight beginning.
Delena and I have had some very civil conversations about it. In fact last year before we got married we talked about it. We (with out a fight) decided we would go to Thanksgiving with her family and Christmas with mine this year. The idea would be that we would rotate each year, unless a family event needed us to switch or attend both we could work it out. I am sure more intense conversations about the topic will take place in the future years, but I am excited that we handled it so peacefully. My man other friends have not been so lucky.

How have you all handled it?


Melissa said...

My situation is rare! My family is huge....6 kids, 4 of which are married. My husbands family its just him and his brother. In our 4.5 years of marriage we have spent 1 Holiday with my family and the rest with his. You see if we go to his its more quiet and relaxed and we score big time with the presents. My family....too many people, chaos, gift exchange and thats it. We are happy with this arrangment and my family doesn't mind it much b/c there are still so many people. I am fortunate enought to get to see my family a lot! And then my in-laws are exstatic that we spend ours with them.

BenJoe said...

Talk about rare!

I wish!