Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Home...Homeward Bound again...

No we are not on our way to see Simon and Garfunkle nor are we big Simon and Garfunkle fans. But we are headed to St. George tomorrow! Yes, this is our first visit since we were married nearly 4 months ago. Delena is very excited to see everyone and well, I am just glad to be back in Dixie. My second home!

This is one of those trips were the husband just nods and says yes. There comes a time in ever relationship and every marriage were the spouse just agrees because he/she has to. Delena's Uncle is getting married for the second time and it is considered a personal insult to not attend this wedding, not that I don't want to attend, I enjoy most of Delena's Family, but it will be a long long weekend. So I just nod and says, "yes dear."

On the good side, Delena and I are going Golfing this Friday and we will be attending the Temple Saturday Morning. If you are in town join up with us in the 7:15 session.

I will be sure post an update of how the trip goes.


Melissa said...

Have fun! I'm so freaking jealous. My folks were just there for Homecoming. My Brother is going to Dixie and is seriously dating a girl who is a local. We may have a wedding to attend in St. George in the near future...fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...


I saw your parents on the Dixie Alumni Website, where going to dixie for Homecoming.l to be honest I am little Dixie sad these days. I invited tons of dixie people including old faculty and not one even sent a card or visited. I have also tried a few times to organize fundraisers for art and student gov scholarships. Again, no support. I still love Dixie but I am running low on excitement, I had been collecting Dixie Memorabelia to potentially auction off for scholarships but now I am just keeping it.

Well, anyways. Just thought I would throw in my thoughts if he does get married though let me know we would try and come to the reception.