Sunday, October 16, 2005

Give me more time!!

Before Delena and I got married, we were two of the most busy people we knew. Constantly struggling for a spare moment to be together and or live. As marriage approached we began to fantasize about how being married and living together would free up so much time.


We have less time than ever. We find struggling for time a constant thing. Delena and I start our days at about 6 am and we end at around 10 pm. But every moment of that time is filled and is busy nearly every day of the week.

Sundays for awhile were relaxing but now with Church callings, our time is filling up even more. WOW! Where does all the time go, But when we are providing for two people, work, school, etc TIME Disappears.

Our friends Jon and Jessica often call to get together but we have to plan things 3 weeks in advance just to make it happen.

I am not sure if being this busy is bad, but it sure was a surprise.

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