Sunday, October 30, 2005

Season's Greatings

Well, It is not quite time to be sending Christmas card yet. The topic amongst my newlywed friends is, "who's house do we go to for the holidays". Many of the couples I have spoken to seem unwilling to compromise on the situation. It is especially tough for people that live long distances from both sides of the family.
One friend I have is a terrible pickle, her family moved to St. George and she hasn't been able to spend the last few holidays with them. Her husband just returned from a mission and has not spent any holidays with his family. You can already see the fight beginning.
Delena and I have had some very civil conversations about it. In fact last year before we got married we talked about it. We (with out a fight) decided we would go to Thanksgiving with her family and Christmas with mine this year. The idea would be that we would rotate each year, unless a family event needed us to switch or attend both we could work it out. I am sure more intense conversations about the topic will take place in the future years, but I am excited that we handled it so peacefully. My man other friends have not been so lucky.

How have you all handled it?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Home...Homeward Bound again...

No we are not on our way to see Simon and Garfunkle nor are we big Simon and Garfunkle fans. But we are headed to St. George tomorrow! Yes, this is our first visit since we were married nearly 4 months ago. Delena is very excited to see everyone and well, I am just glad to be back in Dixie. My second home!

This is one of those trips were the husband just nods and says yes. There comes a time in ever relationship and every marriage were the spouse just agrees because he/she has to. Delena's Uncle is getting married for the second time and it is considered a personal insult to not attend this wedding, not that I don't want to attend, I enjoy most of Delena's Family, but it will be a long long weekend. So I just nod and says, "yes dear."

On the good side, Delena and I are going Golfing this Friday and we will be attending the Temple Saturday Morning. If you are in town join up with us in the 7:15 session.

I will be sure post an update of how the trip goes.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Give me more time!!

Before Delena and I got married, we were two of the most busy people we knew. Constantly struggling for a spare moment to be together and or live. As marriage approached we began to fantasize about how being married and living together would free up so much time.


We have less time than ever. We find struggling for time a constant thing. Delena and I start our days at about 6 am and we end at around 10 pm. But every moment of that time is filled and is busy nearly every day of the week.

Sundays for awhile were relaxing but now with Church callings, our time is filling up even more. WOW! Where does all the time go, But when we are providing for two people, work, school, etc TIME Disappears.

Our friends Jon and Jessica often call to get together but we have to plan things 3 weeks in advance just to make it happen.

I am not sure if being this busy is bad, but it sure was a surprise.