Sunday, September 11, 2005

Workin' Out

One of the things that Delena and I have discovered about marriage is the amazing amount of food! Not that either of us are great chefs, and I probably do most of the cooking, but we love to eat. Well the pounds are adding up and Delena and I have decided to do something about it. For one we want our future children to have good eating and excersise habits, and we also would like to be in better shapes.

So Delena's birthday came around about two weeks ago and she really wanted a gym pass, I have always been against this, afriad of just wasting my money. But we went the local gym, The Ogden Athletic Club, We got a freat deal through my work and through being a student, so we are paying $25 a piece. The athletic club is very big, two pools, tennis courts, three gyms, track, hot tubs, tanning beds, and so much more. Not to mention it is about a 2 minute drive from here. With our membership we also received a free consultation with a Personal Trainger and had fitness programs developed for both of us.

We are now finishing our second week of working out and we feel great! We hope we can keep up the momentum. We have set a goal to lose 20lbs and to run in the Goldenwest 5k next April. PLUS! This gives another great thing to do together in our wonderful marriage.