Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well, Tomorrow will mean 2 weeks of marriage for Delena and I. Sorry for the late posts. But so much has been happening and we are just sinking back into work.

The marriage went very well. Both receptions were plagued with possible rain and winds but ended up just fine.

We had a few hang ups but nothing major. The company we rented to the tent from for the Nephi Reception called us the day before to tell us they had ruined the tent and were sending a different type of one, but we got a good discount. This caused some stress since we had planned for months for one type of tent. But everything worked out.

The Hurricane winds also caused havoc at the First Reception but everything turned out very well.

Most of all! The temple was fabulous. We love so much the St. George temple and our sealing was fabulous. The former Temple President performed the ceremony and Delena and I Both Cried like rivers, well...I cried like a river. It was so romantic.

From there we went to San Fransisco for our Honeymoon and spent 4 wonderful days in California! I will post more with pictures in the next few days!