Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Things Remembered

Today we have been finishing our last minute preperations for the wedding. Since the big day is Friday, we are getting very anxious.

In the process we realized we hadn't purchased a cake knife or server. We called around and went to many shops, but most of the places we went their cake servers were cheap. We finally stopped by Things Remembered in the mall. They had many to choose from but we really wanted it engraved. Their engraving takes 7 days. As the sales person began ringing up our items she said "would like them engraved?" I explained we were getting married in 3 days and didn't have time. She then asked, "Do you have 30 minutes?" We said yes and she said she could get it done tonight in 30 minutes. We were so surprised. Plus because our purchase was over $100 we got a Silver Dish with our Names and Date engraved on them as well. We highly recommend Things Remembered.

As for everything else, we are ready to go! Delena has moved in to my place and we are now unpacking everything. We got our plane tickets to San Fransisco for the Honeymoon plus we are staying at a wonderful Bed In Breakfast in St. George. It is called the Seven Wives Inn and we have the "Melissa" honeymoon suite. You can see pictures at this link.

And thanks for the advice on the ring, I took it off!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

UPDATE! The Wedding is still on!

Just of those of you that were worrying, there is no need! We are still getting married. Not that we had received any phone calls or emails or doubts. We just wanted to reassure you all.

We have been up to our neck with projects and tasks to help get the wedding planned. Most of our major events are covers. Including purchasing the mens band, scheduling the honeymoon (To San Fransico) and now we just need the wedding license. Speaking of Men's Bands, I love mine! I haven't been able to take it off. But is there a specific rule that I can't wear it until I am married? I mean she can wear hers while we are engaged! So should be able to wear mine? Well I am until someone says so otherwise, but I have turned a few heads with it. In fact with in the first few hours of me wearing it someone noticed it and said, "BenJoe, when did you get married?"

Our invitations are out but I feel they went out a little late. But hopefully they will all make it. We are sending another batch today because we got word that a few dozen people had been left off our initial list.

This weekend we are on our way to St. George for Delena's Endowment in the St. George temple! We are very excited and we will keep you posted on our last minute wedding plans.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Where have the invitations gone?

Delena and I this past Saturday went to see the "Two Hats and a Red Head Tour". Those were the concert tickets I gave Delena when I proposed. The concert was great and Brad Paisley stole the show at the end when he come on stage. It was good to be there and I am glad Delena had a good time. We went with Clint and Valarie, we had a great time.

The biggest mystery of them all has been our invitations. We have waited for ever and they have not arrived. We were told they would be here two weeks ago. But they finally arrived on Monday. We stayed up all night putting them together and finally got them out. All of you should be receiving invitations soon.