Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wedding Prep 101

Well, Delena and I have been all over the state the past few weeks and if it wasn't for our loving families we would be lost at this whole wedding thing.

Delena and I have chosen a Navy Blue and Pink as our colors. This is very exciting and we have already began planning around those.

We will be holding a Reception in St. George the day of the Wedding starting probably at 7 pm. Then the following day we will be holding a reception in Nephi at our parents home.

Tomorrow we will be taking pictures for our Wedding invitations and begin getting them out. If any of you would like an invitation please email me to verify your address.

The Nephi Reception is going to have a tent around the backyard, it is a 40 feet by 40 feet tent that we rented from Diamond Rentals, used to be "All In One Rentals". They actually didn't have the best service but they do have nice tents. So if you are looking for a tent go there, but don't get anything else from them. My Mom has been out look for more decorations and has really helped us plan for the Nephi Reception.

In St. George Delena's Mom has been helping a lot with the St. George wedding and they all went Dress Shopping together, (BenJoe was not included). So they say it is ordered and ready to go.

I will keep you all posted with our Invitations etc, also May 14th at 10 pm on KJZZ we will be on the show!

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Melissa said...

I would love to get an invite...unfortunatly I think because of our geographic location I won't be able to attend. But hey if your ever wanting to tour DC I know where you can stay... hint hint! I also know a great tour guide..hint hint! Wedding plans are fun..sounds like you have great support. Just enjoy.

Your Dixie Friend,
Melissa Case

I'll e-mail you my mailing address!